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EPAC/EACN Conference – for the first time in Poland!

Central Anticorruption Bureau in cooperation with National Police Headquarters with the support of EPAC/EACN, organizes the 13th Annual Conference of European Partners against Corruption (EPAC) and European contact-point network against corruption (EACN). It is an international meeting, of which the main theme is corruption prevention and supervision over the activities of law enforcement agencies.

During the period 13-15 November 2013, for the first time in Poland will be held the International EPAC/EACN Conference. The meeting will take place in Krakow. The co-organizers are Central Anticorruption Bureau and National Police Headquarters with the support of EPAC/EACN. At the end of last year’s Conference, the Head of Central Anticorruption Bureau Mr Paweł Wojtunik proposed that the 13th Annual EPAC/EACN Conference should take place in Poland. The EPAC/EACN General Assembly has accepted this idea.

The main aim of yet organized conferences is building and maintaining relationship of cooperation between academics and practitioners in the field of fighting corruption in public administration, as well as the institutions responsible for supervision of activities of law enforcement. The idea of the conference is to draw attention to the risks, as well as new and effective solutions in this area.

The official opening of the conference will take place on 13th November at 16.00 in the Council Chamber of the City of Cracow. Later the same day, and 14th and 15th November the meeting will be continued in the form of scheduled earlier panels. Participation of heads of departments and anti-corruption institutions from majority of European countries, including Ireland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain, Malta and Portugal is expected.

Founded in 2004 association of European Partners Against Corruption (EPAC) brings together over 60 anti-corruption institutions. On the basis of EPAC in 2008 the European Network of Anti-Corruption (EACN) was established. It has bonded anti-corruption networks which bring together nearly 50 state structures of the European Union member states. The EPAC/EACN initiative has become an annual event improving and building awareness in the field of fight against corruption among representatives of  countries which belong to the European Union.


Małgorzata Matuszak-Tocha, CBA

On the picture representatives EPAC, CBA and Polish Police     In the picture the conference participants gathered in the Debating Chamber of the City Krakow


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