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On 23-27 September 2013 took place the first of six organized by Central Anticorruption Bureau training conference about anticorruption issues. Meetings are held in the framework of the project, for which implementation CBA received funding from the European Commission.

In framework of “Programme Prevention of and Fight against Crime”, the European Commission decided to grant CBA for the purpose of implementation of “Rising of Anticorruption Training System”. Associated beneficiary of the project is the Lithuanian Special Investigation Service (STT), and a partner in the project is the Latvian Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB).

Implementation of the activities is planned for 36 months. The entire project consists of two components:

  1. To perform a series of six international training conferences about anticorruption issues addressed to representatives of public administration, scientific community as well as institutions involved in the fight against corruption.
  2. To construct a e-learning platform (creation of anti-corruption education tools and communication for officials, entrepreneurs and the society through three components: corruption in public administration, corruption in business, the social impact of corruption). The launch of the platform is planned for February 2014.

First international training conference was addressed to representatives of institutions playing in their own countries a coordinating role in the anti-corruption measures. It will allow to start a discussion on current threats of corruption, to determine the scale of various phenomena of corruption risk, to highlight the role of international cooperation both in field of prosecution of corruption crime as well as prevention and training activities.

The conference was attended by guests from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Croatia, Moldova and Azerbeijan.

In all scheduled conferences CBA plans participation of nearly 200 people.

Małgorzata Matuszak-Tocha, CBA

In the picture speaks Head of the CBA during the conference In the photo at the conference representative speaks CBA


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