The International Conference of the CBA

The Central Anticorruption Bureau along with its national and foreign Project Partners invites to participate in the international conference LEAF (Law Enforcement Analysis of the Future) taking place from 26th to 28th October 2022 in Warsaw – onsite and online.

LEAF 2022 is an international meeting of criminal and strategic analysis specialists, representatives of the world of science and practitioners, who will present their lectures during the three-day conference. The conference will be an opportunity to discuss and learn about the theoretical perspective and practice of the issues raised.

We invite representatives of law enforcement agencies, the scientific community or independent experts to participate in the conference as a participant or speaker through the registration form available at Registration is mandatory for both stationary (limited number of places) and online participants.

Candidates for speakers are required to include an abstract of their planned speech in the registration form, the speech should last up to 30 minutes. Any form of presentation is accepted (lecture or multimedia presentation). The selection of speakers will be made by the Content Committee which consists of representatives of the CBA and law enforcement agencies as well as Project partner institutions.

Among others, analysts of the American and European intelligence, independent experts in the OSINT area, representatives of Polish law enforcement agencies and the army, as well as foreign and Polish scientific circles has already declared their participation in the conference.

Candidate applications for speakers will be assessed in the context of the subject and target group of the conference. The organizers reserve the right not to accept the application.

The conference is organized as part of the project entitled „Strengthening of law enforcement agencies and justice system institutions in the area of strategic and operational criminal analysis that will support identification, fight and prevention of corruption and economic crime”. The project is financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 in the thematic area PA20 of „International Police Cooperation and Combating Crime” in the Program „Home Affairs” which remains at the disposal of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration. "

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