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The list of suspects in the VAT extortion is growing

The officers of the CBA Regional Office in Rzeszów have detained another person involved in the practice of fraudulent repayment of undue VAT.

Due to the developing nature of the investigation into the VAT extortion, another person involved in this practice has been identified. This time, the CBA officers have detained a Ukrainian citizen who is a member of the management board of one of the companies in Rzeszów. In the Podkarpacki Subdivision of the Department for Organised Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor's Office in Rzeszów, the man heard charges of participation in criminal activities of an organised crime group aiming to commit crimes consisting in extorting VAT by creating fictitious accounting documentation. The prosecutor applied non-custodial preventive measures against the detainee.

The investigators' findings show that together and in cooperation with other persons, he introduced unreliable VAT invoices in the purchase registers, for the amount of over half a million zlotys, documenting the alleged purchase of goods, and then issued Tax-Free documents which attested an untruth and which he used in the registers of purchases and sales, as well as in VAT 7 tax returns, thus misleading the tax authorities as to the amount of tax liabilities. In this way, he exposed the State Treasury to an illegitimate VAT refund.

So far, in this case, charges have been pressed against 44 persons, against whom non-custodial or isolation preventive measures have been applied.

Public Relations Division of the CBA

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