AC Project

Rising of the Anticorruption Training System (AC Project)

Under the Program “Prevention and Fight against Crime” (ISEC), the European Commission decided to grant CBA with funds for the implementation of “Rising of the Anticorruption Training System” Project.

The beneficiary of the project WAS the CBA, while the co-beneficiary of the project WAS the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania (STT), a partner of the project WAS the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) of the Republic of Latvia.

Financed from the European Commission funds project entitled: Rising of Anticorruption Training System consisted of two components:

  • a series of 6 international training conferences, attended by over 200 practitioners and experts from anti-corruption authorities and institutions from Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Croatia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Denmark, Macedonia, Austria, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania,
  • creation of the anti-corruption e-learning platform.

On the website was made available the anti-corruption e-learning platform in Polish and English version. The training was divided into 3 thematic blocks: corruption in public administration, corruption in business and social effects of corruption. The platform was presented at the 66th Plenary Meeting of the Group of States Against Corruption (GRECO), and information on this initiative was also widely disseminated through national and international forums.


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