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Indictment in court

The District Prosecutor's Office in Ostrołęka has submitted an indictment to the District Court in Przasnysz against a former treasurer of one of the municipalities in the poviat of Przasnysz. The investigation in this case has been conducted by the officers of the CBA Regional Office in Warsaw.

The investigation pertained to the submission of false asset declarations for the years 2014-2018. Treasurers of municipalities are obliged to submit asset declarations under Article 24 of the Act on Municipal Local Government. In the course of the investigation, it was established that the former treasurer of the Różan Municipality submitted asset declarations inconsistent with the actual state of affairs. In the asset declarations submitted for the years 2014-2018, the suspect concealed assets in the form of several properties worth at least several hundred thousand złotys, and 3 cars. She also dissimulated information about her credit liabilities.
The prosecutor applied non-custodial preventive measures against the suspect, in the form of a bail in the amount of PLN 30,000 and a ban on leaving the country. The alleged criminal offences are punishable by up to 8 years’ imprisonment.
We referred to this case in our press release of 28 October 2020,A-former-civil-servant-suspected-of-submitting-false-asset-declarations-detained.html

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