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2 persons detained - acting to the detriment of a corporate group

The CBA officers from Białystok have detained 2 individuals related to the activity of the corporate group, which includes, among others, companies from the biofuels and spirits industries.

This is another operation within the investigation into the damage to the group of companies by removing assets, including movable property, real property, securities, and property rights of great value. The initial estimates indicate that at least PLN 96 million of damage has been caused in connection with this practice.

The president of the Management Board of the entire group is again among the detainees. The first detention took place in August last year, as reported in a separate press release. At that time, the man faced charges of directing an organised crime group and abusing the powers granted, thereby causing great damage to the assets of the Polish corporate group. By court decision, remand in custody was applied, which in March this year was changed to a bail bond in the amount of PLN 3 million and a ban on contacting the employees of the group. He will now face the charges of inciting to destroy documents and using false documents.

Another detainee is a woman sitting on the supervisory boards of two companies belonging to the group. She will face charges of participating in criminal activities of an organised crime group and using false documents.

The CBA officers are searching the locations related to the detainees.

The case is active and ongoing.


Public Relations Division, CBA

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