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Former Customs Service officer detained by the CBA

The officers of the Regional Office of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau in Rzeszów have detained a former Customs Service officer. These are further activities in the investigation into accepting financial advantages by customs officers in Podkarpacie and extortion of taxes on the basis of VAT refund documents for travellers (Tax Free). So far, 30 people have been charged in this case.

The CBA officers have found that the entrepreneurs issued Tax Free declarations which attested an untruth about the sale of goods. Such fictitious documents were entered into customs clearance. The customs officers involved confirmed the alleged export of goods outside the European Union.

The investigators' findings indicate that the detainee took bribes in exchange for formal clearance of the documents that attested an untruth. The detainee was presented with charges in the Prosecutor's Office in Rzeszów.

The investigation is in progress. Further detentions and charges are still possible.

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