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Detentions and charges in the investigation into trading in invoices

The officers of the Regional Office of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau in Łódź have detained two women in connection with an investigation into the activities of an organised crime group issuing inaccurate VAT invoices for various services. The group operated in the years 2010 - 2020.  As the investigators have determined, the detainees accepted commissions from entrepreneurs into their bank accounts, which constituted gratification for issuing inaccurate invoices.  The investigators' findings indicate that it was 7% of the invoice value.

The women acted on behalf of the practice organiser and received part of the commissions transferred to their accounts.

In the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Wrocław, the detainees will be presented with charges of money laundering and participation in an organized crime group operating in order to obtain multi-million financial advantages.

In this case, the CBA officers previously detained one person who faced similar charges from the prosecution. By court order, the person was remanded in custody.

It is a new investigation carried out by the CBA officers. It is worth noting that the investigators have revealed the mechanism for cost selling by means of advertisements posted on websites and sent to entrepreneurs by e-mail: ‘COSTS PROVIDED - INVOICES SOLD’. Prospective customers were offered tax reductions without being exposed to sanctions by law enforcement, thereby ensuring the security of the transactions.

The investigation is multi-threaded.

Public Relations Division of the CBA

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