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Indictment Filed with the Court

Proceedings carried out by the officers of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau result in indictment against 15 individuals

The officers of the Regional Office of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau in Rzeszów have carried out proceedings over the purchase of Elektrociepłownia Przeworsk (Przeworsk Heat and Power Plant) by PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A. in 2010. The indictment was sent to the District Court in Warsaw. It concerned 15 individuals who were jointly charged with 43 criminal offences, among others of loan extortion, misappropriation of the company’s property vested in them, issuing of documents which fraudulently certify untrue statements, money laundering, careless management of the power plant, giving a financial advantage in the amount of about € 1 million, and abetting to make false testimonies in the course of the investigation.

During the course of the investigation, the officers established that the company managed by one of the defendants purchased the premises in Przeworsk, once belonging to the sugar plant, including the power plant building, at a price of PLN 2.5 million, taking out a loan in the amount of PLN 5,700,000 to purchase and modernise the premises. While applying for the loan to modernise the power plant and during the execution of the facility agreement, the defendants submitted documents which fraudulently certified untrue statements, including invoices for works and services which had never been executed or had no relation to the modernisation of the premises.

In November 2010, Piotr M., the defendant, acting as the president of the company’s Management Board, sold the premises to another power plant at a price amounting to PLN 22 million, on the basis of reports which fraudulently certified an untrue statement overestimating the value of the power plant.

In the course of the investigation, three members of the Management Board and a department director of the plant heard allegations of breach of trust and causing a damage of a significant value to the power plant’s property, amounting to PLN 22 million.

The indictment covers also two criminal offences of money laundering at the amount of PLN 9 million.

It has been established that the amount of € 1,400,000 was transferred abroad via an account opened with a bank in Lichtenstein for a company set up in Gibraltar by the co-defendant, a citizen of Slovakia. Piotr M. is also accused of having commited a criminal offence of paid protection, consisting in a promise to give and giving a financial advantage to another person at the amount of € 1 million.

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