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Managerial corruption in a bank

Officers of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau from the Regional Office in Lublin have detained two individuals in relations to an investigation concerning managerial corruption and abuses of power by a public officer. The investigation is supervised by the District Prosecutor's Office in Sieradz.

Actions Detrimental to the Bank

Officers of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau of the Regional Office in Lublin the are conducting an investigation under the supervision of the District Prosecutor's Office in Sieradz, concerning granting of financial benefits to a bank employee who favored one of the clients. The ongoing preliminary proceedings relate to the unreliable declarations made by a public officer performing a public trust profession, whose duties include the execution of monetary and non-monetary actions undertaken in relations to the debtor's assets.

From the evidence gathered in the ongoing preliminary proceedings, it appears that representatives of a company operating in the real estate industry, a few times between November 2015 and March 2019, provided financial benefits to an employee holding a managerial position in a Warsaw bank. The bank employee favored the client under preferential conditions as part of the "Voluntary Property Sale" program and also disclosed information protected by business secrecy. These actions could have caused damage to the bank's assets and constituted an act of unfair competition.

Charges of Managerial Corruption and Providing False Testimony

On March 7, 2024, based on the prosecutor's orders, officers from the Lublin Branch of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau detained two men in Łódź. CBA officers of the Regional Office in Lublin and Łódź conducted searches in several locations in Łódź and Lublin voivodeships, including the offices of accounting entities and companies involved in designing and constructing buildings. During these operations, materials in the form of documents and electronic equipment, which could be relevant to the ongoing preliminary proceedings, were secured.

The detainees were brought to the District Prosecutor's Office in Sieradz, where they were charged under articles 296a, 231, and 233 of the Polish Criminal Code. The Central Anti-Corruption Bureau officers temporarily seized assets in the form of a passenger car valued at 250,000.00 PLN.

Preventive Measures Applied

The prosecutor applied non-custodial preventive measures to the suspects, including police supervision, a property bail amouting to 90,000.00 PLN, a ban on leaving the country along with passport seizure, and a prohibition on contacting other suspects in the ongoing investigation.



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